Chapter 16



Chapter 16


In the phase of Alexandrina’s public life, the ecstasies of the Friday Passion are followed by ecstasies that are not for her alone: Jesus applies to all those present, more, to all humanity. We can distinguish them in two categories: in some Alexandrina speaks as a messenger of Jesus, in others it is Jesus himself who speaks directly through Alexandrina’s lips.  

Alexandrina: Messenger of Jesus   

Tell your spiritual father that he must pray; that he prays that I be visited and loved in the most Holy Eucharist. It is I who ask for this. I want them to ask for what they want before Me (in front of the tabernacle); the remedy for all wrongs comes from there. C (8-4-35)   

O my daughter, pain and cross, the Eucharist and the Rosary! My Blessed Mother and the victim of this Calvary. Courage, let’s save the world! 

Speak, speak to souls about the tabernacle so that I may be received many times.  

Speak about the love of my divine Heart as the means of salvation:  speak about the Rosary! S (15-10-54)  

Speak to souls, my daughter, speak to them about the Rosary and the Eucharist. The Rosary, the Rosary, the chaplet, the chaplet! (third part of the Rosary, that contains a group of five mysteries); my Body and my Blood! 

The Eucharist, the Eucharist with my victims: in this is the salvation of the world!  S (29-10-54) 

— Listen, little maid, mad with love for souls, listen, little maid mad with love of the Eucharist.  I am here (in the tabernacle) only for love. Men do not understand this love. I am here as the food of life. Men do not want to nourish themselves and live my life.  

Speak to them about my love, communicate my love to them! You, who have been created to be the almoner of everything that is mine, speak, my little maid mad with love, speak, my spouse, about my Eucharist! Ask souls to come to the tabernacle and to live in the tabernacle. (...) 

I saw that Jesus radiated love; I felt that He was all sweetness and charity. And I saw that His wounds spilled bright red blood. (...) 

— This blood is blood spilled for love. They are wounds kept open day and night by so many, so many souls that receive Me sacrilegiously in the Eucharist. 

Come to the tabernacle, come in grace and be burnt in love! S (26-11-54)   

Speak to men about this love. Tell men to unite with Me: I want to give Myself many times; every day if possible. May they come with their hearts pure, pure and very thirsty. If they come to the tabernacle with the right dispositions and pray the Rosary, at least the third part of it, every day, they will need nothing more to deflect the justice of God. 

The Tabernacle, the Rosary and my victims, the victim of this Calvary, are enough for the world to be given pardon and peace. 

Who comes to the tabernacle lives pure, who lives in the shadow of my blessed Mother, lives off Her purity.  And in this way humanity lives that new, pure life, holy, of which I have so often spoken in this small room. S (10-12-54)

My daughter, O, how I see the world! What hope for the world! (...)  Speak about my Eucharist. Say, say that I am there as Man and as God.  Say that I want them to love Me as I love them. Speak to them about the eucharistic love and the necessity of receiving Me. 

Speak to them about the Rosary, speak to them about the love of my blessed Mother. 

Courage, my daughter! Pain and blood, pain and blood for the salvation of souls.  

Your life gives lives, your darkness give light. Let’s go to save them ( souls). (...) S (7-1-55)

Souls, souls, the world that I delivered to you, O, how it runs to the everlasting abyss! O, the justice of my Father arms itself night and day. O, the height of its vices,! (...)

Invite souls to come to the Eucharist, to come with life, purity and love, and not deadened by sin, by sacrilege!  

Speak about my Eucharist, speak about the devotion to the Rosary of my blessed Mother. If this was done perfectly, it would be the sufficient for the salvation of the world. S (1-7-55)  

Jesus speaks with the Alexandrina’s lips

In these ecstasies, Alexandrina repeats the words that she hears Jesus say concerning humanity. Let’s record some fragments in chronological order. 

O the world, if it is not converted! (...) The hatred, the revenge, the ambition that still continues in the hearts of men. They think they are prepared for new battles (the 2nd World War had finished a little while before; we can see what happened later). 

I would like to prostrate Myself in front of each man and to ask them not to offend Me. S (14-6-46)  

Hear who is speaking, hear who it is who wants you: it is Jesus who is your life.  

Come to Him, one and all! He calls you, my divine Heart wants you: come all of you to Him! Love-Me! Do not sin any more!

Quick, quick! This invitation is from Jesus.  

Quick, quick, more prayer, more penance.

Quick, quick to reform life and habits.

Quick, quick, my children! 

O, for how many is this invitation already too late! I called, I invited them in good time. How many and how many have already received the justice of my Father! And why? Because they had not taken note of the divine voice, of the invitation of Heaven. 

Divine justice has already fallen and more will fall. Already millions of sinners have been punished and millions more of them are going be. S (19-1-51)

The world, the world, the poor world! If only it would convince itself that it has to retrace its steps and hurry to my divine Heart! 

I am its Father, and like Father I gave my blood, I gave my life. I am Father and, like a Father, I chastise to call back to conversion. S (18-5-51).

Listen, listen, hear the wounded voice of Jesus! Pray, pray much and do constant penance. Heaven bursts asunder, divine justice falls.  

Listen, listen, accept the compassion of the divine Heart of Jesus. 

Amend yourself, amend yourself! Jesus asks this of you: abandon lust, vanity and all sin! Heaven opens itself and through its rents falls the avenging justice.  How many admonishments, how many pleas of Jesus! S (19-10-51)   

Jesus is thirsty for your souls, Jesus wants to possess your hearts.  

I want pure hearts, I want hearts full of love. (...)

Leave sin, leave sin and the false illusions of the world! 

I made Myself your brother, I made Myself like you, I lived like you, I died on the cross to give you Heaven.

And in exchange, what reward has my divine Heart received?   A spear, the renewal of my Passion, continuous ingratitude. My chest was torn, the Heart was pierced. It was this way on Golgotha.  And it is still this way now. S (27-6-52)  

Listen, listen! Prepare yourselves for battle. Fill yourselves with Jesus to be strong. The Eternal Father, the Eternal Father will apply His justice on earth with all His severity.  Poor world that does not attend to the voice of Jesus or to the voice of His Blessed Mother! S (11-7-52)  

Jesus asks you with insistence: do not sin anymore, do not sin anymore! 

Tread vanity underfoot, the pleasures, everything that is sinful. 

It is Jesus who speaks, it is Jesus who asks for this with all the love, with all the tenderness of His divine Heart: retrace your steps, retrace your steps, follow the Lord. S (18-7-52) 

Come to Me, cold hearts, come to Me, stony hearts! Come and warm yourself, come and set yourself on fire in the burning hot furnace of my divine Heart! Come and mould yourself on the divine model that is Jesus”. S (1-8-52)   

I see millions, millions of souls dying. Pray! Do penance! Amend your life!  Jesus asks for this, Jesus stresses this because He loves you very much, He loves you infinitely. S (26-12-52) 

Come to Me, come to Me, my children, come to Me, dear sons of my divine Blood!  

Dear sons, dear sons, tender word! Dear sons, dear sons, the loving word uttered from the Heart of God by the lips of the great victim of this Calvary, of the main victim, whom Jesus chose from Portugal, to be immolated in this century, the century with the greatest vices, the greatest crimes, the greatest flood of iniquities. 

I am sad, very sad. I am sad and I weep, my daughter, my beloved daughter, white dove that flutters about my tabernacles, perfumed flower that decorates them with the variety of your virtues. S (20-2-53) 

The vanity and the dishonesty on beaches, in cinemas, at balls wounds Me; they sin horribly in the casinos and in the houses of vice; they sin in the family, they sin in every state of life. O, how sorely my divine Heart suffers! (…)  Come to Me all those who have failed, come to Me all those who are cold: I want to forgive you, I want to inflame you. Come to Me, come to Me all those who are sick: I want to cure you, I want to heal your souls. S (4-9-53)

Learn, learn in this Calvary! Learn from Jesus who is pure, meek and humble of Heart.   Learn, learn, my children, learn to love, learn to suffer, learn to take up your cross! I am the Master, I am the Model you must imitate. Learn from Me. (...) Soon I cannot, soon I can no longer hold back the justice of my Father.  

This is a hard, hard expression: the Lord cannot do anything, Jesus cannot stop the avenging justice of His Eternal Father! S (27-11-53)


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