Chapter 9



Chapter 9



Cases of mystics who have lived with no food but the Eucharist, even for many years, have been verified throughout history. For example, Bl. Angela of Foligno, for 12 years, St. Catherine of Siena, for a number of years, and Bl. Nicholas of Flue, for 20 years (vide C G, p. 137).   

In Alexandrina, too, Jesus wanted to give evidence of the value of the Eucharist. 

In 1946 she was much consumed with sufferings and fasting, which had lasted since 1942. Somebody suggest helping her with nutritional injections. 

Dr. Azevedo did not want to do anything that opposed the divine will. So Alexandrina asked Jesus:  

O my Jesus, I want to suffer, but also to know that in everything I do your divine will. If people want me to take food, if they want to give me injections, what must I do?  

 (...) I do not want you to use medicine, except those that are not concerned with food. This order is for your doctor: it is he who will come to your defence. 

I want him to continue to support you with all vigilance: it is great, the miracle of your life. May he help me, may he support you! S (7-12-46)   

In the design of Jesus, Alexandrina’s fast is a martyrdom which men must take seriously to mediate upon the Eucharist. In April 1954 she expressed this clearly: 

I make it so that you live only for Me to show the world the value of the Eucharist and the workings of my life in souls. 

You are light and salvation for humanity. Happy those who allow themselves to be illuminated! S (9-4-54)

The nutritional value of the Eucharist is justified, in as much as Alexandrina, during her total fast, could not otherwise have survived. Indeed Jesus promised her that He would not leave her without the Eucharist on Fridays, the day during which she exhausted herself when reliving the Passion, even when the outward signs of the experience were no longer present. 

At certain times the parish priest (the only one who can take Jesus to her) was absent; and there were the Good Fridays, where the liturgy only allowed the Eucharist to be given as a Viaticum for the dying (at the time when Alexandrina lived). 

But Jesus supplies where men fail, showing once again His power in the case of Alexandrina who receives the Host, mystically consecrated, from the hand of an angel or Jesus Himself! 

Let us quote from some of the diaries: 

Prepare yourself, beloved daughter: I am giving Myself to you. (...) Look: Heaven descends on you. 

I give Myself to you in a real Communion, a Eucharistic Communion.  The vault of Heaven hovers over me: 

How beautiful, how beautiful! - I exclaimed – it is worth it, my Jesus, to suffer and to suffer everything in order to possess Heaven. (...) 

It seems to me that I stretched my tongue to receive Jesus.

We were for some moments in a deep silence, in a great union. S (30-3-45)

Jesus insisted on affirming that what is given her is real Eucharistic Communion. On 13th May 1949 He was to say: 

You will receive Me – Body, Blood, Deity, as I am in Heaven.

4 April 1947 was Good Friday: Jesus gives Himself to her as Viaticum: 

My daughter, my beloved spouse, now (she has just finished the Passion ecstasy) you will receive Me from the hands of your guardian Angel. At his side are the Archangel Michael and the Angel St. Gabriel. Behind them follows a great multitude of other angels. Prepare yourself: they are descending from Heaven (...)

The Angel leaned towards me. I extended my tongue to him and he, when giving me Jesus, did not begin with the usual words, but said: “Viaticum Corpus Domini nostri Jesu Christi custodiat animam tuam in vitam aeternam”[1]. (...) 

I was plunged in love, in intimacy with Jesus: I felt myself inseparable from him. 

— My daughter, I gave Myself to you as food: I am your life. I gave Myself to you in a way that best shows my wonders, and shows that I am pleased with my representatives on earth, with the doctrine of my Church. (...) I gave myself as Viaticum; because it is true that you are ill and without a divine miracle you would not have survived: you were dying. S (4-4-47)    

But Bl. Alexandrina still receives one food for the body and another for the soul: a combination of blood, life and love, under the form of transfusion of the blood and effusion of the love. She is the first mystic soul for whom such phenomenon is realized. Jesus Himself affirms it: 

I will give you a drop of my divine Blood, the biggest proof of my infinite love, the greatest of all wonders, the only wonder, that has been destined to be given to the greatest victim of humanity, to whom I have confided the most sublime mission”. S (13-2-48)

Receive now my divine Blood, which is the life of your life, the life which gives you life; the life which has no other equal.

You are the first soul to which I have given my Blood in this way. S (16-6-48)

— What a great grace! What a great prodigy that the blood of the Crucified of Golgotha should flow in the veins of the most crucified of victim souls!  Jesus went on speaking - Alexandrina adds – while the drops of His precious Blood slowly transfused into her.

What an intimate union: His divine Heart united with mine! S (11-6-48)

It is important to note that such a transfusion of blood is not a purely spiritual happening, as is the effusion of love. No, no! It is true blood, tangible, that dilates her heart physically and compensates for the blood that Alexandrina loses frequently and over long periods!  

Jesus says to her: 

I will give to you my Blood drop by drop, just as it is drop by drop that you give it for Me and for souls. S (29-6-45)

Receive it before you lose all the blood you have in your veins. 

I want this combination to be for always: the blood of the victim of this Calvary (the place of Balasar where Alexandrina lives), of the greatest of victim souls, with the blood of Golgotha’s Victim, the redeeming Christ. In this way you have all power and you will conquer everything. S (19-10-45)

At the end of the diary of 9th November 1945 Dr. Azevedo inserted the following note: 

For the past three months Alexandrina has had a daily loss of blood.

If the world knew what your life is! If it knew the blood that runs in your veins, they would want to touch your body as it was touched by mine (...) S (27-12-46)

Receive the drops of my divine Blood: it is the fulfilment, is the crown of my wonders in you. It is the Blood of Christ, the blood that I took from the most pure womb of my blessed Mother; it is flowing in you, in your veins! S (11-11-49)   

There is no doubt that blood Jesus transmitted to her was intended to support her, to help her not to yield under the weight of the enormous sufferings that she must undergo while a victim soul: 

Allow the blood that runs in your veins to give you life; this is the life that gives you strength in your pain, in your Calvary. S (30-4-48)   

But for the spirit, love is necessary: 

My blood gives life to your body, My love gives life to your soul. 

Wonderful prodigy! Take it, fill yourself. S (29-4-49)

The effusion of love is frequently evidenced by light – burning, luminous rays: 

Jesus appeared coming towards me. From His divine Heart to mine came luminous rays that crossed like daggers. Jesus seemed to be in a white cloud (…) 

My heart was contented in those rays: they were its food and the balm of all pain. 

Time was passing and I plunged myself into that sweet Paradise. S (23-7-48)

The sufferings were so many and so intense that I was not able to sustain them, I felt myself fainting. Jesus appeared before me (...) The wound in His Sacred Heart emitted brilliant rays of fire which were all directed at me. 

He raised his hand and pointing a finger to Heaven He said to me: 

- Walk, I will help you! (...)  

These rays lit a burning hot fire in me. Pain and despondency disappeared. I was in clear light. 

Now yes, my Jesus, I know that it is You! (she was always afraid that the mystical phenomena she experienced might be fruits of her fancy: this was one of her major sufferings). S (8-7-49)  

Jesus appeared and I saw that (those rays) came from His divine Heart. 

He addressed me saying: 

— My daughter, my daughter, my much-loved daughter, the rays that crossed over to your heart are rays of love from your Jesus. These rays bring life, comfort, peace and light to you. It is with this light that you can see how much pain you need to give to your Spouse Jesus, much pain, pain of great reparation.  Sinning does not diminish, sinning continues to increase.

Oh, daughter, so many sacrileges, so many iniquities! S (19-8-49)   

My daughter, my daughter, I come with the fire of my love to ignite your heart, to give you life, I come to prove that I am with you. S (4-3-50)   

It is necessary to understand, however, one basic thing: all the favours that Alexandrina receives do not end with her but are directed to the mission to which she has been called. Alexandrina must transmit the love and the life of Jesus to humanity: 

Take my love, take my peace. Go and give it to souls: I created you for them and for them I made you strong. S (23-4-48)

Take my divine love, go and radiate it. Infuse it into souls, make it pierce hearts like arrows. S (25-3-49)   

I saw flames of fire leap out from the centre of Jesus’s Heart illuminating everything. I asked Him: 

What is this fire, Jesus? 

It is the fire of my divine love. It is fire, my daughter, it is the love that I, through you, give to the world, to souls.   Spread it, spread it! S (21-7-50)

I saw His side open and expose His divine Heart. From it issued a downpour of gold and, instead of falling downwards, it came towards my heart. The greater the torrent that poured out from Jesus, the more my heart was filled, the more light it absorbed, the more intense was the fire that burned me. 

— I am burning, my Jesus: blessed are You for giving me this privilege!  May I know how to spread it so as to please You! S (16-6-50)

— I am the resurrection and the life (she has finished reliving the Passion). And you, like Jesus, your Spouse, are the resurrection and life of many souls, of thousands, of millions and millions and millions of souls. 

When Jesus spoke about millions, it seemed that His divine voice was reaching far and that it was a never finishing, never finishing.

Then, taking His divine Heart into His sacrosanct hands as if it was a monstrance full of golden rays, He started to bless me from head to foot. 

The rays that sprang from it surrounded and penetrated all my being. It seemed that I saw myself in that same light, from one side to the other. It was as if I was burning in fire. 

— Fill yourself, my daughter, with what is divine, fill yourself with my love! 

My grace and everything that is mine will appear through you and be seen in you as in a crystal mirror. S (23-2-51)

Jesus succinctly summarizes Alexandrina’s mission: 

Fill yourself to overflowing, burn till you are consumed!  S (10-9-48) 

The delivery of mankind   

Alexandrina, in her task of transmitting to souls what she receives from Jesus, is presented as “mother of mankind”, because she feeds it and saves it. 

In the ecstasy on the day of the Immaculate Conception, 1944, she is also presented as Mother, even though it is a Friday. Jesus says: 

Beloved daughter, my dear love, with Me is my blessed Mother; listen to what She says to you. (…) 

My daughter, I come with my divine Son to present you with humanity, and to enclose it in your heart. The keys are in the custody of your Jesus and your beloved heavenly Mother.   (…) You are queen of the sinners, you are queen of the world, chosen by Jesus and Mary.  

Today, the feast of my Immaculate Conception, we initiate your reign. It begins from today, it is yours: guide it, govern it and keep it. Guard it on earth as well as you will guard and govern later in Heaven.  

I chose this day, which is kept in my honour, to initiate your reign over humanity, so that you could celebrate in union with me.

And our heavenly Mother continued:

— Dear daughter, beloved of my Jesus, receive the life through which you live, receive the life of Heaven, receive it and give it to souls.  (...)

I received new caresses from Jesus and our heavenly Mother, I made Them the offering of myself and all who are dear to me and, finally, of the entire world, including those who cause my suffering. 

Heavenly Mother, I offer mankind to You, keep it, it is Yours, save it! Only You can do this. S (8-12-44)

This motherhood gave her much suffering. She mentioned it on several occasions. For example, about two months later she said in the diary: 

I must transform this rock: from hard rock it must be changed into precious stones, fine gold. (...) I have to move it, to break it, to transform it into a beautiful, pleasant world for Jesus, something to enchant all Heaven. 

O Jesus, see this small love-sick girl, see the martyrdom that consumes her!  What can I do for the world? How can I transform it? How can I console and give joy to your divine Heart? S (15-2-45)

About a month later her pain was alleviated. 

I am hungry, very hungry for souls. I would like to swallow the world. All the time I feel more and more that I am its mother. 

What a madness of mine for what is deceit, silt and filthiness! (…) 

I am a mother who cries for her lost children; I am mother who cannot see them among so much clutter, so much misery and sin. 

O my Jesus, what will I do? What can I do? 

I am a mother who cries tears of blood that bathe all mankind. I cannot resist so much pain, I cannot make a truce with myself: I want to save the world, I want to suffer everything, I want to give it life. (...) S (8-3-45)

[1] May the Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ keep your soul unto eternal life.


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